Granite Mask 'Second Wind' EP


After several cassette releases on Ascetic House and Nostilevo, Los Angeles based Granite Mask delivers his first vinyl release in the form of the 'Second Wind' EP. 

The EP starts off with "Resistance";  a brooding 12 and a half minute noir stomper.  Splashing hi-hats and a flanging esoteric sequence roll over the sparse percussion, with tortured hands-on modulation manipulating every moment.  "Beyond The Threshold", A2, is a beatless abstraction - more in the vein of his death-industrial project Mortal Bodies - with a short modular sequence hammering over the top of eerie rumblings of synth drone.

The B side offers two rugged techno weapons sculpted for the murkiest dance floors.  "Uncertainty" kicks off with a hypnotic four to the floor track, loaded spring reverb abuse and emotive underlying pads. The EP's title track, "Second Wind", closes out the record and delivers horror-like percussion, jittery sequences, and sub bass doom. 

Not for the weak.

Mastered by Joshua Eustis

Limited quantities, all black vinyl in die cut two hole black paper inner sleeves, housed in reverse board full color jackets lined with high gloss black flood printing.

Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for delivery.