Horoscope 'Nature will keep growing even after you have lost everything' LP


Nature Will Keep Growing Even After You Have Lost Everything is HOROSCOPE's tenth release. It is easy to glamorize a sort of faux authenticity through negativity. When curating your experiences through creative practices, with the intention of being viewed in a certain way, you ultimately can't go past yourself. This is an ode to New York City. Using a mix of loops, treated field recordings of the city and modular synthesis, you transcend yourself and the reasons for creating by making a brand new landscape within your own purview. Recorded at 278 Broadway apt 4r in Brooklyn and this is the third HOROSCOPE release by Ascetic House. HOROSCOPE is Rene J. Nunez Cabrera (10/08/1984, Miami, Florida)

Limited quantities, all black vinyl in die cut two hole black paper inner sleeves, housed in reverse board full color jackets lined with high gloss black flood printing.

Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for delivery.