Orgonon Pit 'S/T' LP


From Providence, Rhode Island, Orgonon Pit makes its vinyl debut with this self-titled full-format electronic synthesis of modern abstraction. What else is there to say about Orgonon Pit, really? Those two guys dug these songs out of the slime mines using the kind of sounds you'd find in a swamp near the highway. We went so far, all together ... we turned on the work. And this is really a piece of work. A gastric perversion of all things intellectual in the electronic music institution. Here, the corridors are bathed in an ominous red light. Six tracks of shotgun blast percussive impact silt, directed into the throat - so you can dance, but only until the head drops. You will not escape this concrète jungle unphased.

"Head noddin' music for modern livestock."

Orgonon Pit is Jesse Allen (Migrations In Rust, Cowards) and Nick Pace (Diaphragm, Cowards).

Mastered by Josh Eustis

Limited quantities, all black vinyl in die cut two hole black paper inner sleeves, housed in reverse board full color jackets lined with high gloss black flood printing.

Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for delivery.