Somali Extract 'Pareidolia' LP


Following 2015's cassette release 'Sullen Surrender', Somali Extract debuts this LP to much anticipation. On 'Pareidolia', Somali Extract pulls us into his synthetic vision of the future for just over a half hour, but those 30+ minutes are an infinite universe of their own. In our reality, Somali Extract has been labouring away, hidden in the shadows, abusing the air we breathe with his unique subharmonic frequency manipulation. But who is to say that our reality isn't actually some perfectly exact synthetic frequency arrangement, nearly identical to the consecrated rhythmic vibrations Somali Extract invokes here. Or perhaps our existence is a last gasp for air of a dying brain, drowning because the 28Hz cabs pushed all the oxygen out of the room for a few seconds too long.

Truth be told, there is no single, true reality. Even within the 'Pareidolia' universe, we are poked and prodded into a fracturing of experience. The management of the various ecosystems of reality is a bipartisan project, one in which both Somali Extract and the listener have equally important roles. 'Pareidolia' marks a ripple in the partisan auditory experience, a test of your faith as a pretext to overwhelm your religious conviction. Conquering the deep unknown. Does the future hold a place for you as you are now? Fortunately, this complex 'Pareidolia' simulation is the perfect test of our own rigidity. That is, unless you've been living in it all along, in which case you must only close your eyes and listen.

Written and produced by A. Jarson
Mastered by Joshua Eustis

Limited quantities, all black vinyl in die cut two hole black paper inner sleeves, housed in reverse board full color jackets lined with high gloss black flood printing.

Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for delivery.